Athens & Rafina (Greece)

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Collective energy cooperatives

The Greek pilot, which is led by COEN, in Athens & Rafina aims to unlock flexibility and explore new market opportunities, engage citizens and stakeholders, fostering the adoption of the concept of energy communities and their active participation in the energy system, and perform social science studies, regarding the social composition and characteristic of energy communities. Collective Energy is an energy community which currently has 25 active members, who share the energy produced by photovoltaic plant and owns an energy storage system, which is fully controllable Li-on battery system, which is mostly used for demonstration and research activities.

During the pilot, energy communities will be engaged with the aim of fostering their creation and maturation. A set of new electricity grid services will be explored, which will unlock flexibility measures, provided by storage of electricity and demand side management. In-depth research of energy cooperative case studies will be performed through surveys, desk research, interviews and participant observations.

Citizen Participants

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