Reschool Community Game

Welcome to the world of the Energy Community Card Game. A unique game designed to introduce players to energy communities, their goals, areas of activity, and the social and technical aspects involved. Inspired by the classic card game Top Trumps, we have designed an entertaining and educational game suitable for all ages. The entire deck was meticulously developed through collaborative sessions with schools, experts, and energy communities.

Embark on a journey with your friends to explore 32 distinct Energy Communities across Europe, each dedicated to environmental preservation. Every energy community card features six primary attributes and a range of icons representing their areas of activity. Strategize wisely, collect cards, and discover the advantages of clean energy to emerge victorious.

Beyond education, the Energy Community Card Game aims to foster a sense of community and promote collective action within energy communities. Created as part of the RESCHOOL project, an initiative under Horizon Europe, our game seeks to enhance community engagement in energy markets, encourage household participation in energy communities, and promote the transition to clean energy through greater use of renewables and improved energy efficiency.

32 local energy communities in the European Union