Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

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Amsterdam eastern docklands energy flex community, the flex-city pilot


The Dutch pilot takes place in the Sporenburg island, which is part of the city of Amsterdam. This pilot is led by Resourcefully (RESF), in collaboration with Open Remote (OR) and the municipality of Amsterdam (AMS) and demonstrates the potential of households and small businesses in providing flexibility, predominantly via smart charging. The two main goals of the Dutch pilot are to adjust energy demand to the intermittent production, and to reduce the peak load at secondary substation level.

The transformer “MSR” couples the middle voltage to the low voltage grid. 10/20kV is brought down to 400V. Under a MSR substation 540 households are connected and about 50% of their electricity use is generated with solar panels. The goal is to replicate the pilot in other areas of Amsterdam and eventually other dutch cities.

Solar Panels
EV Charging Stations

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