The Electrification of Collective Energy’s first PV project

An update from Collective Energy (COEN), our pilot site managers in Athens:

Almost a year has passed since the approval of the project and the initial excavation work that took place on the site where the installation of the community’s photovoltaic panels is now located. During this period, significant processes for our energy community have taken place, with the most important being the inclusion of thirty-eight (38) new members participating in the project.

Additionally, we have successfully overcome all procedural and bureaucratic obstacles that initially arose, thanks to the collaboration of community members and the Administrative Board, the positive attitude of the employees of the relevant authorities, the Greek DSO HEDNO, and the retailer PPC, as well as continuous communication and information exchange with other Energy Communities.

It was a milestone event on the 27th of February 2024 for Collective Energy, as the collective self-consumption officially begun. With this significant step, we continue our journey towards providing clean energy, contributing to the fair energy transition.

At this point, we must not forget to mention that in the coming period, two (2) vulnerable households from the Municipality of Moschato-Tavros will join and benefit from the energy sharing scheme. Remaining steadfast in our commitments, values, and our vision for a fair and inclusive energy transition, we are particularly pleased to offer energy support to households facing financial difficulties and belonging to vulnerable groups.