New #SmartEnergyCluster Website Launched

The #SmartEnergyCluster, is a collaborative effort of more than 20 EU projects including RESCHOOL that is focused on merging different energy services and incorporating non-energy benefits whilst overcoming market fragmentation and fostering cooperation. After more than one year from the establishment of the group, the Smart Energy Cluster (initiated by the LIFE project InEExS), is now glad to announce the launch of its brand-new website, that aims to become a solid hub of information for all the projects part of the group, while making easier for all audience to keep track of their outputs and events.

The website was built around the idea of building a participative and user-friendly hub where all projects part of the Cluster can participate to ease the news sharing and the collaborations among and outside the group. In this aim, the website includes:

  • Dedicated sections with the list past and current projects that are or were part of the Cluster
  • A form to easily apply to be part of the Cluster
  • A form for those who are already part of the Cluster to submit news and events that will be published on the website
  • A section with all project information where you can collaborate and reach out easily.

Are you ready to be an active player of the energy transition? Apply to join our Cluster and contribute with your innovative outputs!

Visit the Smart Energy Cluster website

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