Local Energy Communities

In 2021, the Provincial Council of Girona began promoting a project of local energy communities. What started with 4 pilot projects now has 91 municipalities that are in some phase of the process of establishing them.

The pilots were carried out in the municipalities of Amer, Cellera del Ter, Cornellà de Terri and Rupià. It began with a planning process that was translated into technical reports that drew a road map to follow for these municipalities. Since then, the installations have been made and all the difficulties involved in being one of the first municipalities to carry out local energy communities have been overcome.

Thanks to this initiative, 98 households have been able to connect and benefit from the communities. This means a total of 212 inhabitants.

A very important factor of the project is the integration of households in a situation of energy poverty in the communities. In this regard, a total of 11 households in this situation have joined. In this way, we are committed to ensuring that the energy transition does not leave anyone behind and that the situation of the most vulnerable population can be relieved, which is increasingly finding it difficult to pay their electricity bills.