Implementation of the RESCHOOL project management process

The RESCHOOL Project Management Process has been successfully completed at month 10 (October 2023). The achievement of this milestone has supposed four major activities that have been reported in the respective deliverables. These are i) the development and implementation of an agile and responsive management process, including a detailed project management plan with the work breakdown structure and dependencies among the tasks of the project (Deliverables D7.1 Project Management Handbook and D7.2 Project Management Plan), ii) the definition of a data management plan, according to EU and National regulations, following the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) management principles (Deliverable D7.3 Data Management Plan), iii) establishing working conditions that promote and monitor equal opportunities between men and women and considers gender issues in all the implementation aspects of the project (Deliverable 7.4 Gender Action Plan) and iv) the guidelines tackling ethical issues related to project activities with human participation (questionnaires, surveys, and interviews), privacy, and protection of personal data (Deliverable D7.5 RESCHOOL ethical guidelines).